The Virtues Project

At Island Kids Academy, we use the principles of the Virtues Project in our work with children. 

The Virtues Project is an international organization that has created simple ways to bring out the best in our children and ourselves.  The United Nations World Conference honored the Virtues Project during the International Year of the Family as a ”model global program for families of all cultures”.

The Virtues Project is not about family values, which are culture-specific, rather it is centered on virtues which are universally valued by people, regardless of faith or culture.  This project is currently being applied in families, schools, child-care centers, corporations, and social service centers with a vision to empower adults and children around the world to live by their highest values.

The following are some of the virtues we incorporate into our days at the Academy:

Caring, Compassion, Consideration, Excellence, Generosity, Kindness, Respect, Tolerance and Trust

More infomatiotion about the Virtues Project is available on their website.

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Each program operates with a daily schedule that provides outside time, art, sensory activities, freeplay, circle time (music, stories/felt stories, songs), science and nature in addition to all of the essential basic needs of the children.

Infant Program

Island Kids Academy’s infant program is for children from approximately 8-9 months old to approximately 18 months old.  The infant program is flexible to children’s individual needs, as lots of children are on their own schedule in the first year of their lives.  We follow their lead; if they are tired they sleep, hungry they eat, if they want to play, they can play.  Outside play, sensory, free play and art and our Virtues Program is also incorporated. 

Toddler Program

The toddler program is for children from approximately 18 months to 3 years of age.  Toddlers might get a bad rap, but in reality children are testing their boundaries and what they are able to do on their own.  The toddler program has a structured routine, with an environment set up for successful independence and the ability to allow for moments of self reflection.  The Virtues Program provides many lessons for toddlers, and is incorporated in their daily routines. 

Preschool Program

The preschool-aged child care program is for children aged 3 to 5 years. A day in the life of one of our pre-schoolers includes: dramatic play, art, sensory experiments, cooking and nutrition, circle time for story reading and dancing.  We also head into the community to enjoy the beach as well as swimming lessons, fire hall visits and more.  It’s our hope that your child will leave either exhausted from all the fun or not wanting to go home at all!