The Virtues Project

At Island Kids Academy, we use the principles of the Virtues Project in our work with children. 

The Virtues Project is an international organization that has created simple ways to bring out the best in our children and ourselves.  The United Nations World Conference honored the Virtues Project during the International Year of the Family as a ”model global program for families of all cultures”.

The Virtues Project is not about family values, which are culture-specific, rather it is centered on virtues which are universally valued by people, regardless of faith or culture.  This project is currently being applied in families, schools, child-care centers, corporations, and social service centers with a vision to empower adults and children around the world to live by their highest values.

The following are some of the virtues we incorporate into our days at the Academy:

Caring, Compassion, Consideration, Excellence, Generosity, Kindness, Respect, Tolerance and Trust

More infomatiotion about the Virtues Project is available on their website.

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Here's what parents of Island Academy Kids are saying about us:

I can't say enough positive things about the teachers and managers at Island Kids Academy.  They are professional and caring individuals, that are there to provide the best care for our children.  They combine quality care, learning and fun in every day.  I have so appreciated their time, communication and efforts with our children, but also with our family as a whole. Not a day goes by that our children don't come home with a smile on their face and a fun story from their day!


I would like to express my gratitude and immense appreciation for your presence in the lives of both of our children.  They have benefited greatly from their time at Island Kids Academy. Their intellectual, physical and social development blossomed under the care provided at IKA.  They have many fond memories of their time from pumpkin patch visits, playing at the park, Christmas parties, crafts and science experiments.  

In particular, I would like to thank individual caregivers.  Your continuous love, patience and sense of humour has been duly noted.  You have been awesome teachers, role models and nurses in caring for my children.

As a mother, your care exceeded my expectations.  As a result, I never felt concerned or a moment of worry knowing that my children were being cared for and nurtured in a positive learning environment.

Even though we are leaving Victoria, IKA will remain in our hearts; it has impacted our family and will be forever a pleasant visit down memory lane. 


My son currently attends IKA and loves it. He's made great friends and has such fun that he often doesn't want to leave! My son is shy and can become overly attached to one person. With different caregivers, he's learned to adapt to new people, new environments and takes direction well from any adult. The staff is terrific and we enjoy talking to them at drop off and especially at pick up when we hear stories about our son's day.


Our daughter is enrolled in the infant program, and the environment of fun and learning they foster is the reason we chose Island Kids Academy and I really feel like we get more for our money than other facilities. The staff seem engaged and invested in my daughter's individual development, and that level of attention is important to me.


My son has been at Island Kids for over two years and I can't recommend it highly enough. Their strength lies with their staff, which are all warm, caring and genuinely concerned with my son's well-being. husband and I think you have an amazing gift for creating a safe, comfortable and interesting environment for children.  


We would like to say thanks to all of the IKA staff who provided our child such a wonderful and loving care over her time at IKA.


IKA has been her home away from home for 4 plus years, and you have all loved and cared for her so wonderfully.  The thought of taking her away from the warm embrace that has been daycare, while it's just plain sad.  Eventually necessary, but sad none the less.  I can honestly say though, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this hard, because the alternative would mean she hadn't experienced outstanding care, and that is far sadder!


The staff of IKA have been a second family for our daughter . . . you've helped us balance busy lives and work schedules, and also major transitions like the birth of a baby!  We appreciate all that you have done for us and all the support you've provided our family.


I love the virtues project and its focus on the positives of our individual personalities . . . even the parts that can sometimes be challenging for us and others to deal with!  I know I definitely need an infusion of positivity into my special little people who deserve the best parenting that I can give them, so I'm hoping this will help us, as a family!


We have been a part of the IKA "family" since 2009, and have always found your staff to be exceptional, caring and loving to our children.  For parents who work, you can't put a price on peace of mind knowing you are leaving your child in a place where they will be happy and well cared for all day with people who truly care and nurture them.  Thank you.


I want you to know how impressed I am with Island Kids Academy, the philosophy and your staff.  I feel very happy knowing that my child is being cared for by such attentive, patient and encouraging people.


We have been so fortunate to have three creative, patient, positive and caring individuals teaching, comforting and playing with both our kids.  You all do such amazing, important, difficult work with smiles and compassion.  It is not easy spending so much time away from our kiddos.  Knowing they are with loving teachers and having fun makes things a lot easier.  



Here's what the Educators of Island Academy Kids are saying about us:

I have to tell you that I am very proud to be one of the IKA members.  Because of your decision to build IKA the children in my program have a chance to do many many many amazing activites.  I just want to say thank you from my preschoolers for providing them a beautiful environment to grow, to learn, to love and to have fun.    - Lucy